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"You praise that of others but fail to cherish what you possess"- Stanisław Jachowicz (1796 - 1857)

Members of the band „Kurna Chata” derive their artistic inspiration from the Polish traditional music of different regions - it is found in old recordings, song books and ethnographic descriptions. They realize their fascination with 'regional tunes’ through the coverage of original folk themes and composition of their own songs inspired by folklore. 
We would like to highly encourage event organisers to take advantage of this unique performance opportunity. Kurna Chata does a brilliant job on a variety of events, be it a small club gig or a big outdoor event.  : promopack & raider




KurnaChata Tour Dates


Kurna Chata 4 września zagra na "Turnieju Muzyków Prawdziwych" w Filharmonii Szczecińskiej. więcej >>>

In September this year Kurna Chata has claimed III place on first edition on the Tournament of True Musicans organised by Szczecin Filharmony.

Cultural Association 'Pegaz' is successfully organising series of concerts of ethnic music called 'Etnoscena in Słupsk' since eleven years.
Since 2005 until the end of 2014 in concerts of "Etnoscena", there was around 100 artists from Poland and far sides of the world, who were taking part in it.
Their main assumption is presentation of interesting and extraordinary music projects, which are written and performed by polish and foregin artists inspired by ethnic culture and art.
On 4.11.2015 Kurna Chata and Dikanda will present on a stage of Filharmony.
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1. 10.01.2015 - Kołobrzeg - Klubokawiarnia Centrala
2. 7.03.2015 - Koszalin - Kawałek Podłog
3. 8.03.2015 - Sławno  - Piwnica
4. 18.04.2015 - Słupsk - Teatr Rondo
5. 15.05.2015 - Ustronie Morskie - Gok - "Noc Muzeów"
6. 20.06.2015 - Mikorowo - Noc Kupały
7. 21.06.2015 - Rościęcino - Noc Kupały
8. 2.08.2015 - Sierpc - Muzeum Wsi Mazowieckiej - Żniwa
9. 4.09.2015 - Szczecin - Turniej Muzyków Prawdziwych - Filharmonia
10. 4.11.2015 - Słupsk - Ethnoscena - Filharmonia
11. 14.11.2015 - Darłowo



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